TSQL Tuesday #59 – My hero(es) – The Quiet Achievers

I decided to resume my effort at consistent blogging again..after more than a year..with this week’s TSQL Tuesday Invite – this invite is by Tracy McGibben and is on ”Heroes”. There are many heroes in the SQL world who have inspired me and continue to. But there are two among them whom I wish to single out for this post.

1 Joseph Sack – I met Joe during a Sqlskills Immersion Event at Florida. I had known him to be the former director of MCM program before he joined SQLSkills, and I had a mental image of him to be atleast twice as older than he really was. Joe was much younger, very smart and thorough in what he knew, kind, funny and very easy to be around with. Soon after that event Paul Randal put out the yearly mentoring program that they do, and the candidates each of them had picked to mentor. I was long looking for a mentor – and was a bit saddened that I did not make it. I sent out a personal request to Joe – asking if he would mind mentoring me. Honestly did not expect to hear anything in the affirmative but he responded immediately – yes, he would be happy to. I spent a year on mentoring program with Joe – talking every month on things that mattered to me and asking for his advice, suggestions and like. After a few months we would up good friends who shared each other’s cares and worries rather than just a mentor and mentee. What impressed me about him initially are the same qualities that impress me still – humble,  down-to-earth, hard working and always willing to lend a helping hand. (Unfortunately Joe is no longer on social media or blogosphere for me to add any links). Proud to know you and be your friend, Joe.

2 Wayne Sheffield – I met Wayne as a speaker for one of my SQL Saturdays. That particular SQL  Saturday was not really a great event for me and my team. Two of my most senior volunteers had to depart to attend to some personal duties – I was very short on help and struggling to pull together with many things falling apart. One of the things that ‘fell apart’ were speaker shirts, which were misplaced. I was unable to find Wayne’s shirt – he had come with expectation that he would get one and needless to say, it was not the best experience for either of us(The shirt was found later). But the year after – I went on SQL Cruise Alaska, and joined Wayne and his family the day before for a tour of Seattle underground. During the cruise I got to know him much better and we are good friends. I have since followed his journey towards the MCM and various job changes too.He has  always been there to help me – with SQL advice, professional help, or just lend a listening shoulder. Like Joe – the qualities I admire with Wayne are his patience, humility, hard work, down-to-earthiness and willingness to help.

‘A person is known by the friends they keep’ is an old saying – so if people know me by my friends such as these, am sure I am known well 🙂 As a last word – would like to recommend everyone to find  people they vibe well with, not just people who are celebrities or big names. Find people who understand who you are, and are willing to support, encourage and motivate you. And do the same for them. Attend programs like SQL Skills or the SQL Cruise – they are not just for learning, I  have found some of my best friends this way.


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  1. Joe Sack
    Oct 15, 2014 @ 02:18:00

    Thank you for the kind words Mala! And I too am proud to know you and have you as a friend!


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